Coddywompling through Multiverses

Your beliefs determine your path

Coddywompling through Multiverses

Life is a funny thing. Whatever your beliefs, however, your blood flows in your arteries and veins, however, the air oxygenates your well-balanced organism, you are here, on this earth, enacting your destiny as you go along.

Let us admit that none of us actually chose to be born. Hopefully, our parents did but we had no control over the place or time of our birth. So we are here with skin, bones, organs, and fluids and some form of consciousness we have to manage imperfectly at first and coping to improve as we grow up.

And although our education tells us that we are living on a planet surrounded by others themselves flowing in unison through the void of a galaxy itself moving through the universe we only have some form of awareness of, we soon realise how irrelevant we are.

In relation to the atoms of which we are made we do feel like giants roaming in our space and time continuum. The awareness of our being gives us a perception that we can conquer all until the moment of our last breath at which time we will discover, or not, a new reality which we cannot yet conceive.

And yet, it is the energy that animates us which connects us to others and our surroundings whilst being totally unaware of how that can be.

The core idea of it all is to wonder, discover or sometimes uncover who we are beyond the vessel which we inhabit. What is our being? What is its purpose? How is it to contribute, if at all, to the grand scheme of things, whatever that may be?

Understanding who we are helps us to relate to others. It gives us an identity to which others can, in turn, relate to, or not. And let us be clear, we cannot – and probably should not – engage with every single being we encounter on our path.

Not everyone will understand who you are and at the same time, we will not fully understand who others truly are. Exchanging with others gives us a glimpse of who they are but no intensity of communication can help us grasp how others think, how they feel, how they understand the path they follow however close we are to them.

We can only attempt to have a similar comprehension of the common destiny we hope to share with some, however thin that may be.

Even attempting to impart our vision and projects in life only imperfectly shares what we fundamentally think as it is interpreted by the other with the prism of their own perception of reality.

We are as a result the centre of our own universe sharing our portion of life with others whose universe is in turn shared with us. See this process multiplied by the number of beings who surround us and you will get a glimpse of the galaxies of multiverses within which we take part in a minuscule proportion of the immensity within which we sojourn a fraction of time.

To give clarity to this complexity we tend to bring order and structure. This gives us a false sense of stability and control. The truth is that whatever order or structure we create leads to a new perception of reality. They generate stories to which we tend to adhere through education and peer pressure. As a result, they distort who we fundamentally are and once that realisation happens we feel lost and often disconnected.

The only story that matters is your own.

We talk more about this in the BlueHAT Hive where leaders share their experiences in view to constantly improve and grow as a result.

Keep going, keep growing,

John Higham

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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