John Higham

John is a serial entrepreneur and a recovering certification addict who shares experience beyond acquired knowledge while focusing on marketing as the starting point to product creation and launch.

His past experience as a trainer, coach and consultant for multiple world renowned certifications leads him to guide digital entrepreneurs in launching their ideas faster, without fear of change and wasting cash.

His mission today is to inspire young online business creators to become tomorrow's leaders in their field.

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John Higham

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An exciting chat with John a seasoned expert in product launches and business transformation. If you're into learning how to make impactful changes within organizations, you won't want to miss out on this one! Stay tuned for some valuable insights.

01:40 First project in 1989 connected UK and Belgian schools, using ARPANET before Internet started.

05:48 I help people organize their work.

06:53 Applying available resources easy to understand and use.

11:54 Became examiner, assessor, and trainer in certifications.

16:05 Servant/Moderator leaders focus on supporting teams.

18:39 Change: doing the same thing differently.
Transformation: doing something completely different.

21:03 Embrace change, adapt, and succeed with leadership.

27:27 Methods help understanding and suit specific projects.

30:35 Ask yourself questions before launching next project.

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