Determination is the key to your success

an invitation to confirm your mission and your vision

Determination is the key to your success

Determination is your key to success

Sometimes you realise time is needed to re-evaluate your priorities and specify once more the direction you want to take in your life and in your business. Your determination is the key to your success.

This is a great opportunity to take stock of what you have achieved up to now and build on your past successes.

The world is in turmoil for the moment. Only a very few select elites know and understand what direction they want to lead the world towards. Be under no illusion that what is happening is with a very specific intent and the transformation will be real, intense and there will be no escape.

You will need to adjust and adapt if you want to thrive in the new normal.

Generating chaos is one of the most effective techniques to create a shock big enough for people to come out of their comfort zone and ensure they will comply with a new order, a new way of life constructed on a new paradigm benefiting only a few.

It’s brutal but extremely effective.

It is also an attempt to distract you from your own direction and discourage you from living your own destiny.

Don’t be fooled and don’t be robbed of what you are here to do.

Determination is an invitation to reflect and confirm your mission.

If needed, rewrite your vision according to how you are affected by the current circumstances.

Whatever you do, do not lose hope and be overwhelmed by despair.

These trying moments are here to gauge your determination and help you aim at your goal without any fear.

Don’t let go of your deepest aspirations.

Stay focused, keep going, you’ve got this!

We talk more about this in our Leadership Destiny group where leaders share their experiences in view to constantly improve and grow as a result.

See you there.

John Higham

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