Leaders for tomorrow know which behaviour to adopt. Do you?

Express the Leader within you

Leaders for tomorrow know which behaviour to adopt. Do you?

Express the Leader within you

Being a Leader is not always easy.

You want to be a good leader.

You really do.
(What is a good leader in your view? Do you have a definition you live by?)

You have read all the books, all the blogs. You have subscribed to many forums and discussion groups and you follow your gut.

But is that enough?

Could it be as easy as that to be a good leader?

Or do you need something extra?

Something that comes from within?

Something that you never read in books?

My point here is that most books are written by people who can write well and who have a good knowledge of what a leader should be.

Have they however actually led a team? Brought a team to deliver extraordinary results? Created a team who became leaders themselves? How do they react in front of their teams when things don’t go their way?

What behaviour do you adopt as a leader?

More than influence, leadership is about inspiring the people around you. It is about expressing your inner self so that your purpose can shine. It is about being happy and joyful to such an extent that others can but follow you.

Be cautious though to use that power for the right outcome. Be aware of how you bring others with you and allow everyone around you to keep their free spirit and think with no constraints.

Create a culture of empowerment and let your team develop into leaders themselves.

These are key topics in today’s environment where the autonomy to think is curtailed.

That is why I have created the Leadership Destiny Group.

So that we can share our experiences and our pain points.

So that we can improve daily by growing as individuals and elevate our teams to become what they don’t yet know they can be.

It’s all about inspiration!

It’s all about seeing the future and visualising what our business is to be.

That is the way you create growth.

Especially in this funny world we are in today where everything is changing (whether we like it or not).

Are you ready?

We talk more about this in our Leadership Destiny group where leaders share their experiences in view to constantly improve and grow as a result.

See you there.

John Higham

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